van der Valk Continental 2000 aluminium SOLD

This Continental 2000 yacht from the range of Wim van der Valk is, of course, excellent condition. The yacht has a fantastic look with its beautifully finished and modern interior. The choice of the materials, in combination with the choice of color, gives a time of charge, character and a sense of luxury to the interior. The yacht is sufficiently complete and has a stainless steel radar mast and gunwale, a sunroof, power folding mast. Recently, a new longer roof and performed with heaters, LED lighting, and a lockable tent and the bathrooms have new floors also new large satellite bulbs are also fitted.
overall a very nice spacious boat that is fast moving 25 knots.


Afmetingen20 x 5.40 x 1.50 meter
Werfvan der Valk
OntwerpContinental I
Bouwjaar2007 ce A
Motorisering2 x Volvo Penta D12 a 800 pk
Aantal hutten3
MateriaalrompAluminium met rvs stootlijsten
MateriaalopbouwAluminium met rvs railing
Rompvormknikspant planning
Waterverplaatsing38 ton
Stuurstand1 x servo hydraulisch
DavitsgangwayGangway met rvs bijboot steunen optie
ZwemplateauJa met buiten douche
AnkerlierJa electrisch
Raamframesaluminium met dubbelglas
InterieurKersenhout met zijdeglans spuitwerk