Storm X53 France

The Storm X-53f from Knippelsyachting packs a punch in many ways, synthesising all the assets of the Storm brand in sixteen mighty metres of motoryacht.

The highly distinctive lines and profile come into their own in the X-53 design, while the FDFH hull shape guarantees a first class sailing performance that few if any yachts can offer in this size.

The X-53 is ideal for those who wish to sail downstream on the German Rhine in comfort without having to be in possession of a Rhine Patent. You can, of course, also sail to and explore other European waters. At the same time you will enjoy the appearance, finish and quality of a Storm yacht that is eminently easy for one or two people to sail.

With good manoeuvrability and a low clearance of just 4.10 metres, the X-53 will ensure that nothing stands in your way to reaching your destination.